Saturday, 6 January 2018

Treatbox Advent Calendar

As we dive into January with festive filled hearts, and eyes still glowing from all those fairy lights everywhere; it's easy to get a little case of the January blues. Most of us are back at work, back to the daily grind, and feel as if Christmas is a far off lovely dream that is basically a million miles away.

But things needn't be so blue! Here at Treatbox, exciting things are in motion already, to make 2018 even better than ever!

If you're a regular fan or subscriber, you may already know that for Christmas 2017 Treatbox launched an amazing 24 day advent calendar, filled to the brim with wonderful goodies for a BARGAIN price! It was the ultimate festive treat, and so may of you loved it, that it SOLD OUT!

Each was filled with incredibly unique items ranging from homeware and jewellery, to beauty products and stationery. There was SO MUCH packed in, ensuring everyone would be thrilled, and really doing whatever possible to make this advent calendar the very best it could be.

And here's the thing; it's coming back bigger and better than ever for 2018! I know it seems a long way off right now, but imagine how great it'll feel come December when you have a gift to your future self, from your past self?! You can book it in full today, pay a deposit, or even pay in small increments if that works better for you (minimum £5 each time). Treatbox want to work around you, to make things as easy as possible!

5 Reasons You Should Book Your 2018 Advent Calendar Now:

1. A massive 160 boxes were sold for the 2017 advent calendar, selling them out completely, AND people were still messaging after asking for more and more. There was a huge demand, so booking yours ensures you won't be let down!

2. The value for money is absolutely INCREDIBLE. With everything that was included in the 2017 calendar, each item would have brought a grand total of £114; and people only paid a grand total of £51.95 for theirs! That value for money is astounding, and competes with some of the biggest brands on the market.

3. Each item is special, made with love, and truly beautiful. Whether it be a set of fairy lights to decorate your work space, festive nail polishes for the beauty addict, or candles perfect for adding that perfect touch to any room; Treatbox makes everything with so much care!

4. Supporting small business is crucial! You might not have really thought about it before, but supporting small business is a BIG DEAL, and you can make a difference! Rather than focusing on the huge, international brands, high five the little guys! Treatbox is a brand that focuses on making every single customer happy, and also works with other small businesses regularly. So by choosing this as your advent calendar for 2018, you really are helping out!

5. Feeling organised makes Christmas so much easier! We all know how crazy things can get around December. Trying to find gifts for difficult people after work hours, fighting with a million bags, queues that seem to last forever... Why not make your life a little easier for 2018? Book your advent calendar now, and you'll have something ticked off and sorted already! When your calendar arrives, you'll feel SO proud of your organised self!

This beautiful photograph was taken by the talented Sarah Folega.

This years calendar is available for the bargain price of £56.95 and will be worth much more too, so it's definitely one to get your mitts on! If you start now, you could even pay £5 a month and you'll hardly notice it then! (Email for this option).

Don't forget to check out #TreatboxUK on Instagram too, as you'll be about to browse all our customer photos and see how happy everyone was with the 2017 calendar!


Saturday, 30 December 2017

A Treat of a year...

The end of the year is often a time for reflection, and 2017 has had plenty of highs and lows,
but it has definitely been a memorable year.

Now it’s drawing to a close, we thought we’d do a round-up of some of our favourite
Treatbox goodies from the past year…


March’s Treatbox brought us a Cocoa, Shea & Honey bath melt, scrumptious and soothing.
Perfect for a long bath anytime of the year, this was one of our favourites!

Photo taken by Jemma 

April showers bring May flowers, and with May comes a beautiful grey scarf with rose gold
foil feathers. The scarf is ideal for all year round, and works with almost any outfit, making it
one of the most stand-out treats this year.
Featuring one of my favourite quotes: “Shoot for the moon, even if you miss, you’ll land
among the stars”, May’s Treatbox included a gold plated celestial necklaces with a moon
and star charm. I think this is such a lovely message, and is very much in-keeping with the
positive messages, prints and plaques that fill Treatbox subscription boxes month after


Summer had everyone feeling tropical and the cute pineapple pin that arrived in July was the perfect addition to
any summer outfit. Anything with pineapples, flamingos and watermelons gets our vote in
the summer months!

Photo taken by Jemma

Whatever the time of year, tea and coffee is an essential part of most morning, and this was
very much the theme of the August Treatbox! The daily planner covered in tea and coffee
prints was absolutely lovely, and tea samples were the icing on the cake – perfect for getting
your day started!

Photo taken by Jemma


Autumn is the most beautiful season, with the leaves changing colour, Instagram grids filling
up with cosy scenes of pumpkins and the knitwear starting to come out of the wardrobe.
September’s Treatbox had a magical, charming theme which included a beautiful crochet
dreamcatcher and an adorable unicorn pin.

Photo taken by Heather on All Subscription Boxes 

October gave us all the autumn feels with an autumnal print, tea lights and the cutest
copper fairy lights which are ideal for making your home cosy all your round –
and are great for getting into the festive season which is right around the corner…

Photo taken by Heather on All Subscription Boxes 


One of the loveliest things about the festive season is curling up with a blanket, a good book
and a mug of hot chocolate and mince pies. With a recipe for mince pies and mulled wine,
hot chocolate powder (complete with marshmallows) and a cute pair of cosy socks,
Treatbox was able to help with all the ingredients you need for the most wonderful time of
the year!

Photo taken by Heather on All Subscription Boxes 

After a year filled with treats, we can’t wait to see what 2018 has in store, and you can get
your 2018 off to the best start by joining Treatbox! Which box was your favourite?

Get your January box here 

Post written by Helen/The Hels Project


Thursday, 23 November 2017

The Gift Of Giving

At this time of year, when we're all obsessing over Christmas trees, panic shopping, and buying chocolate in dangerous amounts; it can be easy to overlook the greatest joy of this time of year. The simple act of gifting something with something that you know they'll love, is simple and beautiful and one to really treasure.

Whether it's reminding your Mum she's still your hero with a personalised treat, or giving a friend a little laugh over a novelty gift; getting someone a present this year doesn't have to be hard work or as worrying as we sometimes make it out to be.

All year round we deal with birthday wishes over Facebook, cards sent too late, being too busy to catch up with old friends, not having enough money for a night out like the old days, looking after kids and not getting a moment to ourselves.

So why not make Christmas the one time of year to truly treasure the special moments we get with our favourite people?

Take the time to help your Mum cook Christmas dinner (or do it for her and let her put her feet up!), tell Dad how great he's looking, or send a card to that friend who lives so far away, telling them how much you miss them.


Wednesday, 15 November 2017

The 10 Best Stocking Fillers From Treatbox

Quite often, Christmas can feel like a worrying chore that we all need to get through at the end of the year. However, with the help of Treatbox; you can put the magic back into Christmas with ease! As well as creating the most wonderful subscription boxes each month, Treatbox also has a special store where you can purchase unique items every single day!

With the Christmas season coming underway, Treatbox has the most amazing selection of goodies, perfect for any friend or family member! Today's blog post will feature our favourite items, perfect for stocking fillers (or treating yourself!).

We've made things easy for you, and rounded up the best!

1. 'Hello' Gold Wire Sign (£4.99)

This beautiful white and gold wire sign is the perfect addition to anyone's home, or the prettiest accessory for your desk! This item would also go down a storm for any Instagram enthusiasts, as it makes the most beautiful flatlay addition ever! Definitely one to grab today!

Monday, 6 November 2017

Behind The Scenes: Meet The Maker Of Treatbox

For those of you who already love subscription boxes; you'll understand that feeling of pure joy when a new box arrives at your door, full of wonder and surprise. But what about the brains behind the box? What about the creator who brings it all to life, packs every box, sends it off into the world full of special care and consideration? We often don't think about that too much.

That's probably due to a lot of subscription boxes being made by huge, rich companies; keen to flog another product and keep you hooked on their brand. But there are some special small biz gems out there, like Treatbox.

Treatbox is a monthly subscription box which features stationery, homeware, accessories, artwork, jewellery and SO much more! Created by the lovely Zoe, determined to spread joy and happiness on the first of every month to every subscriber; Treatbox is in a league of it's own.

Want to know more about the behind the scenes workings? Let's chat to Zoe...

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